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Julian Lilio

As Director of ICT at The Bayleaf Hotels, I oversee all aspect of technology strategic planning, implementation, operations and maintenance. Concurrent with my role, I also work as technology consultant for Lyceum of the Philippines University.

My heart bleeds with everyone in the industry who's severely affected by Covid-19. May we all find peace in our hearts despite challenges that life throws at us.

Songwriter & Digital Artist

  • When ideas pop up anywhere I am, I try to write them down whenever possible or make a crude recording.
  • I am fascinated with visual arts. Whenever I can, I do my own pieces as well. This has proved to be a relaxing therapy for me in aid for a better work-life balance.
  • I don't know about others but the digital tools that I use has tremendously helped me with my artistic journey. I thank God for technology.

Who wants to be a leader?

Leadership comes with a high level of ownership and a set of responsibilities. That's the tough part and many times I don't want it. Still, no matter how we feel about this, we are called to become leaders; some to lead a multitude, while some with a few.

Biblical leadership, however, teaches us to serve with humility. To be first, one must be a bondservant. Wages are not always the motivation to step up and lead.

While faced with constant challenges and bumps here and there, as we strive to fulfill our purpose in life, I believe that God's grace is sufficient. When we plant good seeds in good soil, in due time there's going to be a harvest and blessings will overflow to the brim.


Husband and Dad

Partner and Chief Dreamer

ICT Director, The Bayleaf Hotels
Member, Executive Committee (Intramuros)
Member, Corporate Team

Bridging the gap

with thinking hats and a serving cap.

Knowledge. Wisdom. Insight.

Knowing doesn't make one wise and having wisdom does not guarantee the ability to reflect towards a more profound understanding of something.

While I'm a tech, songwriter, digital artist, thinker and servant, I have always consider myself a student of life's many disciplines.

For we can only teach what we have truly learned.

The Hospitality Industry

Having been in the hospitality industry for many years, I have learned so much about various systems that I have used and administered in several hotels I have worked with.

I'm looking forward to the day when this website will be a venue for me to talk about a variety of solutions, provide some technical troubleshooting tips and general ideas that may help other hoteliers and technologists in the country and elsewhere.

I'm a work in progress.

There are several things that I wanted to do and keep doing in my lifetime.

Provide for my Family

The gospel of the cross

Share the Gospel

Create Websites

Develop Startups

Bring Ideas to Life


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